Tired of the meaningless contests of various affiliate programs, where you need to send a ton of traffic and after that, perhaps you will become the winner and owner of a super-hypercar? (Which of course you probably won't win)
We too! That’s why, we are pleased to announce that starting from today the GoldLead team is launching an additional bonus for all our webmasters – Gold-cashback. Now all our partners not only earn with our affiliate program, but also receive Cashback for their conversions.
Nothing is required to participate, you are already receiving your bonuses.
10 cashbacks = $1
Our platform provides 6 levels of cashback:
Level 1: 1% - added from the earned amount of $0
Level 2: 3% - once reached $100
Level 3: 5% - once reached $1000
Level 4: 7% - once reached $3,000
Level 5: 12% - once reached $10,000
Level 6: 15% - once reached $30,000
The terms:
When the program starts, all webmasters receive the 1st level of cashback. The cashback level is calculated for a calendar month, regardless of when the webmaster signed up or started sending traffic. On the 1st day of each month, the system calculates the cashback level for the current month based on the stats of the previous month.
The total amount of conversions is taken into account, except for rejected ones. Cashback is credited to the balance only at the moment the conversion changes to the status "Approved". The percentage of cashback depends on the level that was at the time of the conversion, regardless of the period in which it was confirmed.
The minimum amount to withdraw cashback is $50.
Later we will have hot bonuses and offers from our partners. An additional bonus from Adscompass is already available. Transfer the cashback to the balance of the Adscompass advertising platform and double the amount
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AdsCompass is a global Ad network with high-quality traffic in Push, In-Page ad Popunder ad formats
You can exchange Gold-cashback with X2 coefficient for Self-Serve Adscompass balance.